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I am part of the dream I love the dream.. I think Im gonna be sick

Oct. 10th, 2008 | 12:00 pm
mood: sicksick

So here I go to the event. Don't get me wrong. I love my hobby. Its the best thing in the world. I just happen to be sick this weekend. I happen to be sick. The stomach flu still has its teeth in me and I made a promise to do Gate. So me and ladies were all set to do it. and then Life reared its ugly head. So Im doing gate by myself.. sick... and all I want to do is crawl in bed with my teddybear and watch bad 80s movies. Lesigh. Off I go.


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The Gecko that tried to Eat me

Oct. 7th, 2008 | 12:27 am
location: locked in my bedroom
mood: sicksick

So its monday night, and I have finally got the stomach flu that is going around my group. I don't feel good. I hot and sweaty... did I mention I started my period as well. So I open my window to enjoy the breeze. An hour goes by and I'm not getting any cooler so I decide to shut the window and turn on the AC. I hear a scurring noise and look up. At this point I let out a scream that should have been loud enough to wake the neighbors. (Note to self, if getting murdered, the neighbors wont come and save me) There in the top right hand corner, acting like all the world like he belongs there, is the biggest gecko I have ever seen. I run out of my room and run around in circles in my living room. I wont go back in for twenty minutes.. after a trip to the babys bathroom (the aforementioned stomach flu) Armed with a cutting board and a peice of tupperware I decide Im going to trap it and take it out side. Only the little blighter doesnt agree. It drops down and scurries along the side of my bed. I freak out some more.. running in circles ontop fo the bed. So after trying to catch it.. unsuccesfully.. I get it so its running along the edge of teh wall.. over the AC.. behind the desk.. and up onto the stool. I thought I would coax it out the rest of the way but it decided it liked it on the stool. So I pick up the stool and carry it to the front door. Figuring its going to jump off as soon as I put it down, I set it down gently. Nope still likes the stool So I open the door.. and then what does the dumb thing do? It runs THE WRONG WAY. My front door is open Im yelling at it that its going the wrong way so I have to chase after it. Chasing it out the front door. I shut it, lock it and run back to my room where I shut and lock the door.  Ok this is where not having a boyfriend REALLY SUCKS!

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Sep. 2nd, 2008 | 04:47 pm
mood: giddygiddy

I had an oh my god amazing and wonderful time. I forgot that sometimes its enough to just sit back and hang with your friends, share a bottle of mead and share stories under the pavillion. Yes I did do some waterbearing and took some classes (actually took a lot of classes) watched the Memorial Tourney and did the things that I usually do at events, But after the work was done, I had FUN. A blast. Thank you to my Far Flung family, That was ohmy god fun.

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The Lie that is Disney

Aug. 12th, 2008 | 11:26 am
mood: crushedcrushed

So you have come to the conclusion that Happily Ever After is a lie. The ugly stepsister is rarely wicked and Cinderella was not as downtrodden as they would have you think. What then is the truth? Was the Stepmother just trying to keep her family together, was Cinderella mearly a spoiled brat and was made to do chores like everyone else. And what about the Prince. No man is that perfect. Usually they lie cheat steal and abandon you when you dont fit into the Princess mold. Here is the reality check.
We come into this world alone and we will leave the same way. What happens in-between is just filler.

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Am I in over my head?

Apr. 25th, 2008 | 07:45 pm
mood: excitedexcited

Probably. Am I going to do it anyway ABSOFRICKINLUTLY!! I did it. I put in a bid for C&C and it got accepted. Ok granted no one else put in a bid, but its mine we are going to do and Im ~gasp~ in charge. Course if it ends horribly and everyone hates it its my butt in a sling. But I can't that right now. Right now Im still walking on air. It'll be my first event.

Be sure to look for updates!!! 

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Ups and Downs and Twists and Turns

Mar. 31st, 2008 | 11:15 am
mood: calmcalm

Life.. life is funny sometimes. I don't blog much anymore because I'm never sure what I want to say. As soon as I write life is good it goes bad. As soon as I write life is going crappy, something happens that makes all of the crappy worth while. So I have decided just to write and you can make your own judgement how its going. 
So thats me for a while. Happy, confused, depressed, hurt, joyful and then some. ;)

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Gear Up.

Nov. 25th, 2007 | 07:01 pm

In about a month the Trimaris season gears up again and doesnt stop til after Gulf (which I get to go to this year {there will be much squeeeing later}) I want better clothes. Im tried of ill fitting garb that just passes the mark. I -think- I make nice things but I dont think I ever want to see a skirt and bodice again in my lifetime. At least not on me. Dont get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a skirt and bodice. Its a good staple. Everyone should have at least one set in their garb closet. An entire event of skirts and bodices are just... not for me anymore. I want more. 
So new dresses new patterns new colors new.. just new. Kenet is gonna help me on the garb and Im gonna help me on everything else. LOL. Everyone keep an eye out. :D

Oh the aforementioned squeee... ready?


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hehehehe (Stolen from Catalina)

Nov. 18th, 2007 | 04:51 pm

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smiles all around....

Oct. 28th, 2007 | 08:33 pm
mood: gigglygiggly
music: Imaginary, Evanessance

Im so bad at it. I always wait til the last minute to start making garb. But its a tradition.. hehehe. So last night Theo finished his beautiful black and white tabbord or ttunic or I cant remember the name of the shirt thingy. Im so bad with mens garb. BUT he at least has one fighting tunic done. Now of course do to the split with the dunncans he has to make all new garb that isnt plaid. You know I begged and prayed for this day that I could say "Baby why dont you wear my colors to court" Which was always a firm negative. But now he has to wear something besides plaid I can work with that. He has black and white which are his knights colors and blue and white which are his colors and blue and green which are my colors. My way of looking at it is just about anything I wear will match something LMAO. Need a few warm clothes 
Going to Castlewars and Morgans wedding AND THEOS GOA PARTY!!! Yes thats right my baby got his GOA. He is now an Honorable Lord. ~does the dance of joy~  I had told him last year that God himself woudl have to get his AOA for me to go back to Castlewars (Last year he had his AOA party there. First time we had a break from working events) Of course he goes and gets his GOA and looks at me with a big goofy  grin on his face and says "Well I got my GOA and my name translates to GOD...does that count?" So we are off to Castlewars. Which is in GA and is a BLOOOODDDYYY COOOOOLLLDDD EVENT. And of course I live in FL so I dont really have any winter garb but I go through this every winter. Currently Im working on a blue and gold demisuade gown. It should turn out soooo beautiful. Everyone cross your fingers.
Theo is going to try to get his red belt at Martinmas. Being Tearloch's boy takes a lot to get his belt. And he is finally ready to do the steps he needs to do . He has most of them done. Have to help him study for his heraldry test and at Martinmas he will dance after court with me ~squeeeeeeee~ 
Me.. Im starting my household at Martinmas. Its my two year anniversary (wow does time go by fast) and Ive been wanting to start it for a while. Im a fighters lady and there is nothing wrong with that but even before I was a fighters lady I was in a fighting household. Which basically meant I had no voice. I wasnt a fighter I really didnt exsist. Well now the dunncasn are practically debunked, Theo has BloodTooth.. BUT I refuse to go from one fighting household where I have no voice to ANOTHER fighting household where I have no voice. So Cradling Moon will have its first meeting at Martinmas. Its a very small group of girls and we will see what happens. Maybe nothing, maybe something. But at least I am back to playing MY game and not a addidum to HIS game. 
I want to get back on my path toward being a Pelican. Im thinking about taking the deputy Herald position in the Shire. But with all the studying I did with Theo for his Heraldry test, I have a lot of knowledge running around in my head. Im gonna contact Master Hakkon about taking the baby herald test... or maybe I will woose out and just ask Cara. LOL

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(no subject)

Oct. 8th, 2007 | 08:26 am

 First day of work. OMG shoes. Very excited. Very scared. REALLY anxious. Wish me luck

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